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Once you use a MJ bag, you won’t go back to any other cosmetic bag! But not only is it great for makeup... use it for so many other items! The flat design holds SO MUCH & is great for traveling. They are machine washable + have a wipeable interior!

LIFETIME WARRANTY through the manufacturer + free shipping!

Medium 12" x 8.5"
The medium Makeup Junkie Bag is great for baby items, snacks, makeup, hair products, hair tools (straightener/curling iron/combs/brushes) and the wipeable interior makes it a great wet bag -- perfect for inside your beach bag!

Large 14" x 9"
This Makeup Junkie fits full sized hair products, shampoo, school supplies, clothing items like bras and underwear you may want to separate from your luggage. The large bag also fits a full-sized makeup palette!



-The Black Cobra bag is a black snakeskin texture exterior with a silver wipeable interior.

-The Holographic Gator bag is a silver holographic texture with chrome wipeable interior.

-The Viper Blush is a gorgeous snakeskin with muted blush and blues with a baby pink wipeable interior. 

-The velvets are gorgeous with either solid black or black & white striped interior